About Us

F23 Fitness is a semi-private training facility based in Balla County Mayo. It was created with the intention of providing high quality training services to people of the local and wider community. We believe strongly that frequent participation in well designed training and exercise plans can significantly improve one’s physical and mental health, and overall quality of life. 


We’ve noticed over the years that a lot of gyms seem to prioritise getting as many members as possible in the door, and once you’re in the door that’s the job done. This means you get no real coaching or guidance, because you’ve become just another number on the system, and have been forgotten about. 

Because of this lack of guidance and support you’re more likely to quit, give up, and go right back to square one. 

At F23 Fitness our mission is to stop that from happening, by providing support, guidance, accountability, and high quality training in a small group setting (max 4 to 8 people) so you can get the results you’re looking for.

At F23 the difference is We Care. We pride ourselves on being a business that cares for and prioritises each and every one of our members’ journeys. We make sure that you, the client, are at the centre of the business. Everything is built around You, and Your results. 

With coaches helping you every step of the way the results you want are guaranteed as long as you put in the work.

We believe that training is for everyone. Whether you’re a 65 year old who wants to train to make sure you can keep up with your grandchildren, or a 15 year old athlete who wants to learn how to use the gym in a fun,safe and friendly environment, training is for you. 

Joining the F23 community will provide you with a great opportunity to make friends, improve your health and wellbeing, and most importantly, have fun. F23 Fitness provides a fun, safe and friendly environment where everyone can come and explore their training interests. We truly value every one of our members and make it our mission to ensure they have a good experience, and get the results they deserve. 

Our mission at F23 is to provide a premium service that can enhance each and every person’s quality of life. With that, it means we will always stay true to our vision, being a client centred, results driven gym. 


F23 Fitness is built around 4 key principles: Coaching, Training Environment, Community, and Education

Coaching, We are dedicated to delivering high quality programming and coaching to our members. We make sure that everyone who walks through our doors gets exposed to real coaching, rather than just being left to their own devices. This ensures everyone gets the results they want, while enjoying the process. 

Training Environment, To succeed you must have the correct tools for the job. We are focused on providing exceptional facilities for you to train in with a full range of exercise equipment. Providing a clean, safe, fun and friendly environment is something we pride ourselves on and ensures you have an enjoyable experience.

Community, Without our members we are nothing. We are very proud of each and every member of the F23 community, and we try to ensure everyone who walks through our doors feels welcome and comfortable. We want F23 to feel like your second home.

Education, We believe in continuous learning, knowledge sharing and upskilling both for ourselves and for our members. By educating  members on training, nutrition and habit formation it is easier to achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.