Hi I’m Eoin Earley and I’m a sport scientist and strength and conditioning coach here at F23 Fitness.

From a young age I’ve always had a love for sport, and a keen interest in health, training, and performance. This interest ultimately culminated in me pursuing a career in the industry, which to date, has provided me with a lot of experience working with athletes and members of the general population of all ages and levels.

Since leaving school I’ve completed various courses, and I’m always seeking to learn more so I can improve the quality of service I can provide. These include a BSc in sports science with exercise physiology, a MSc in sport and exercise science and medicine, and I’m also a certified strength and conditioning specialist with the NSCA.

To date, I’ve worked with Balla GAA Club, Galway United FC, Glasgow Warriors, and most recently have been assisting Irish Cyclist @FelixEnglish with his prep for Tokyo 2021. I’ve also worked with your more general population client both online and in various gyms over the years.

Throughout these experiences I’ve seen first-hand how exercise and training can enhance health, performance, improve one’s quality of life, and facilitate people achieving their goals.

The recent influx of unqualified, sensationalist, social media personal trainers/lifestyle coaches etc has resulted in a large amount of confusion for the average gym goer. As someone who likes to consider themselves an evidence based practitioner, I aim to eliminate some of this confusion. I believe that education is key to long term success, and this forms a large part of my coaching philosophy.

In addition to this, I am a strong believer that dedication and hard work, coupled with guidance from experienced professionals, can facilitate people from all walks of life achieving their goals.