If you want a more individual and personalised approach to your training then this may be the service for you. 

1 to 1 personal training gives you the opportunity to work closely with one of our coaches to achieve your goals. Whether that’s sport performance, fat loss, muscle building, or general health, our coaches will build a plan around you to get youtube results you’re looking for. 

To ensure your plan meets your needs your coach will complete an initial consultation and assessment. The consultation includes general questions about your diet, lifestyle, training history, goals etc, while the assessment may include  tests to determine your mobility, strength, balance and even aerobic capacity. For athletes, any assessment protocol will be built around their sport.

We feel that personal training is great for complete beginners to the gym who want to learn techniques and build confidence before entering a class. Starting in the gym can be a daunting prospect, but even 4 weeks with a dedicated coach can go a long way to making you feel more comfortable, and set you up for your group classes.